Since time immemorial, even in the Holy Scriptures are mentioned the angels.

In this 21st century most, when less some think they are legends, others mention the little Angel of the Guard and usually put it on the head of the children. I don’t speak it, but that in reality dreams or thoughts are manifested these celestial beings. Even in people, we live surrounded by Angels good, that we have faith in God, that have different presentations; they may be persons of all ages need love, affection, tenderness, or what do not believe in the Almighty Jesus, which have no fear of him, nor love, as governed by denying its existence, even knowing that if we live for him live spiritual blindness and if we die for him die, to resurrect in the Heavenly Kingdom, and enjoy the afterlife as Angels praising God.

There are angels of darkness that you dragged to eternal death to a dark and gloomy pit which can not leave. The cleanliness of this world, peace that supposedly acquire is fleeting, passing any defect or money, reaching wanting to have more power and becomes insatiable. You have horror misery and worth anything or means and those evil angels exploit its Achilles heel.

Beware, surround you with the love of God. Repent you, you are on time. When spiritual angels of the creator of the universe you surround you temples fully secure, because God sends protection to their children. We left the comforter, the Holy Spirit who guides us and recommend. An experience of this is when absorbed me a whirl at the center of a cenote of Vigía Chico, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Teacher Orlando Ordóñez had to pull the hair after launch to the cenote to rescue me. When he felt that it could not do so, a superhuman strength made the two us save it. This was an occasion. The other was in Felipe Carrillo Puerto, also of Quintana Roo, where my parents left me sleeping with a quinqué (lamp of petroleum) in a wheelchair, such as lighting. As it was pasted me a Viper rattlesnake swirled and my mother with a sixth sense, moved by the holy spirit felt anxiety and restlessness and went to spy on me for if it was sleeping. What did surprise and horror to see that the Viper rattlesnake was with stationary neck to bite me. Without closing the door on werecat warn the soldiers front, living in the municipal delegation. Took nor lazy, which was the starting guard friend family told to my mommy: “Josefita, soothe you.” Keep faith in God, because your daughter is protected by his angels. It was and see the head of the Viper rattlesnake, fired his weapon and it flew. The girl awoke startled and seeing her mommy, embraced her mommy.

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