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Feeling sorry for myself is something that I have become very good at over the years. I’ve had plenty to go wrong, and gotten in quite a bit of practice in the art of self pity. Now and then you meet someone who is just as bad off as you are, maybe even a little worse off than you. That thing about misery loving company is a truthful statement.


A really long time ago I met this girl maned Jana. She had a lot of boyfriends to come and go, because she was always getting dumped on. She was living at one of those extended stay motels. It was like a motel room with a small kitchen. A few months back Jana had been living with some guy until he ran her off. So this motel was were she ended up. This worked out well for her because she was only about two blocks from where she worked. She didn’t have a car so it was good that she could walk to work.


On our first date Jana and I went out to eat. Then we went several other places. Then we went to a late movie. After that we went to a friend of hers house and visited there for a while. When I finally got her back to her motel room it was almost four o’clock in the morning. Since it was so late Jana said I could stay the night if I wanted to, but I would have to sleep on the floor. Her place only had the one bed. I didn’t care I was so tired, I just wanted to lay down for a while. She gave me a pillow and a sheet and I laid down on the floor. Then she turned off the lights and got in bed herself. The next thing I knew she got out of bed and was down on the floor with me. I guess she was lonely up there all by herself. One thing led to another and we both ended up in the bed, that was where we stayed the rest of the night.


The next day when we got up we took a shower and went out for some breakfast. It was late in the morning but we did manage to find a place that was still serving breakfast. After we ate Jana asked if I might do her a favor. She had some of her things at her aunt’s house that she wanted to get. Some of her clothes and jewelry were there. Also she said her aunt was going to give her some household items like towels and dishes. Jana had been wanting to get these things for a long time but she didn’t have a car. Her aunt lived a long way from here, it was almost a two hour drive. None of Jana’s friends would ever give her a ride there because it was so far away. Well now that Jana and I had become special friends I felt a little obligated to help her out. I didn’t mind helping her. I didn’t have anything planned anyway, and this would be a good opportunity to spend some time with her.

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