You know the word ending thing , let’s talk about this, there are many wayst to survive and how to make shelter how to prepear for it and how, i am going to talk about it in my Blogs 

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Updating 3-7 times a week!

  • In this blog I will be covering everything you need to know about survival in hostal situation. I will be covering everything starting with EMP ( electromagnetic pulse ) to something as impossible as zombie apocalypse. 
  •     I try to talk about foods that last longer that usual foods or how to make them last longer.
  •      I try  to talk about guns. Different calibrators of guns and how much damage they do.
  •      We also will be talking about electricity and generators.
  •      Very important is surveillance. Cameras and motion sensors
  •     I will be covering cool tricks to make your prepping easier
  •       Also I try to explain basics of  free energy like hydro or solar panel
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