Like a wounded ass lynx, tossed between the navigation bridge of a ship and a sofa in the chart house.

            I think that last about 20 minutes before the collision, the chief mate, like a wounded ass lynx, tossed between the bridge of a ship and a sofa in the chart house, where he sat at meat respected by all on board the ship master.

            Between them, perhaps, such a dialogue took place:

           Peeling…. Bearing does not change! Distance is – then the other words mate … but at the end of the performance rants – transport ship is not inferior to us the way! “- Chief mate reports his patient master.

          “You know … bull’s sheet … they are obliged to give us. Full speed ahead, your mother! We need to catch up 3:00 – tired from the seat rude master, an Italian destroyer wharf.

           When both sides realized that a collision is unavoidable, dry cargo ship as he could, and so went on the angle of 90 degrees. Also in the opposite direction turned away and a passenger airliner. But the clashes, unfortunately, could not be avoided.

        Impact from the collision was a terrible force, evidenced by all the witnesses. Further development of tragedy can be read anywhere on the Internet. I repeat, I do not write anything but what I consider important.

        Aftermath the “smart” analysts from experienced skippers so comment on the master of the cargo vessel’s activity.

         After the collision, marine engines, for some time before the collision, who worked in the “Full back, snub strike, ensured that the ship back.

        This should not have done, in the opinion of experienced masters.

       If appropriate, forgive me dead, the situation looked like this – in a passenger ship stuck the knife, and then abruptly pulled it back … In a hole in the board immediately rushed to the sea water and the ship quickly began to sink.

       So, according to experts, before the collision it was necessary to suppress the rate of dry cargo vessel, and then, figuratively speaking, not taking the “knife”, so as not rushed outside water, it was necessary to “knife” as a pusher, push the transport vessel “Admiral Nakhimov” straight ahead – at the cargo ship is ahead of the coastal shallows.

                                                 Transporting  cargo vessel

        And by working with propellers of cargo and passenger vessels perished would have fallen in the depths of the sea people … but people have died under the propellers would be less than those who escaped to the coastal shallows.

      Awful, terrible picture of having passed events….

     But pray tell how many are in the world of masters, who at such a terrible moment cannot lose our nerve and so cold-blooded act, how to parse this situation theorist’s navigation!

to be continued

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