Hero Dave finds himself in a very realistic dream, back in the old “school street” where he was brought up as a child. Luckily some of his friends are with him. The place is deserted so he can explain something of what is going on. His friends meet his “Mirror Monster” and then his Mum Lisa. Dave is brought into the house. Lisa suggests a cuppa tea…

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Lisa took Dave and his friends into the kitchen.

Dave: “This isn’t the right kitchen! We’re no longer in Oaklee Road, or even Workham, we’re in our second house, at Swindley!”

Dave quickly led them back into the lounge which, sure enough, was the one at Swindley. The television was on: showing an episode of “Star Trek” in which “Voyager” was flying through some sort of anomaly!

“Go to Yellow Alert!” ordered Captain Janeway, on the screen, “Lieutenant, what have we got?”

Harry Kim: “It’s three Federation vessels, captain!”

Tuvok: “Captain, we have a contact on visual!”

The screen lit up, and there was Captain Kirk! Evidently it was the old “Enterprise”! Kirk agreed that he and Spock should beam over for an emergency meeting. Soon after, Captain Luc Picard called, from his ship, and made a similar agreement. Finally Jonathan Archer did likewise.

Tuvok: “Intruder Alert! Phasers on stun! Unknown humanoids entering the bridge!”

A door slid open, and in strolled Dr. Who with two of his companions of that time, Rose Tyler and Martha Jones. And just behind them, looking quite perplexed, were King Arthur, Lancelot and Merlin!

Janeway: “So, we are agreed then! The crew of ‘The Voyager’ will disembark and take ‘Shore Leave’ on the ‘M Class’ planet below us. The Away Team will take ‘Voyager’ through the anomaly to investigate. Everyone here will be on the away team, plus….”

There was a short clip showing crew members hurriedly packing and disembarking. Then the view switched back onto the bridge of Voyager. All the main characters were watching the main viewscreen, intently.

Suddenly a miniature “Voyager”, about a foot long, flew out of the screen, into the living room, then out of the door and up into the sky!

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