Hero Dave finds himself in a very realistic dream, back in the old “school street” where he was brought up as a child. Luckily some of his friends are with him. The place is deserted so he can explain something of what is going on. The discussion continues…

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“So, there was a rational reason behind all these dreams then?” asked Pam, after a pause.

Dave: “Well, usually, yes. My mum’s bedroom mirror had sort of bevelled edges you see. And if you stood directly in front of an edge and moved up and down you could make your eyebrows go up and down, making you look angry! Unfortunately I also fell off the bed in front of the mirror one day, and badly hurt my nose. My parents also blamed some of my aunties for scaring me with mirrors. In my first ‘mirror’ dream my image turned into a roaring monster and chased me out of the bedroom!”

Nigel: “And your Mum as the ‘monster’?”

Dave thought for a while, then explained, “ I think that was caused by seeing some ladies wearing heavy eye shadow! Anyway, whatever. Look, do you think you would mind going in before me to make sure it’s safe?”

“Okay, no problem,” asserted Pam, “Who’s with me?”

Nigel: “I’d best stay behind and watch over Dave. Rather not leave him alone.”

Sarah: “Okaey. Count me in!”

At that, Pam and Sarah marched through the open door. As Pam and Sarah entered the house, their attention was caught by a big long old “sideboard” running along the left-hand wall. Directly above this sideboard was a bright shiny mirror.

“My, that’s a bright mirror!” exclaimed Sarah, “It’s glowing like a telly.”

Suddenly they both stood back in amazement: a “reflected” image of Dave popped up and smiled, “Hello you two!”

“Who the hell are you?” demanded Pam.

“I’m Dave’s Mirror Image – in his dreams of course. What have you done with Dave?”

Pam: “He’s waiting outside. But what’s it got to do with you?”

Mirror Image: “Not much love. I’m just looking forward to tormenting him again.”

“Why?” demanded Sarah, in support of Pam.

“It’s what I’ve always done,” sneered The Image, “Ever since his early childhood when one of his aunts allegedly frightened him with a mirror.”

“So why keep doing it then?” insisted Sarah.

“Well, Because!” snapped The Image, “It’s what I was created for! My reson d’etre or whatever. Look, don’t blame me! It was his subconscious that brought me to life, as I understand it. Anyway, what’s it to do with you? I’m the one with the Power round here!”

With that The Image scowled and pointed at Sarah’s feet. There was a deafening crack as a big lightning bolt crashed into the ground, just missing her toes! Sarah and Pam recoiled with horror.

“That’s enough of that!” yelled a female voice from somewhere to the right of the sideboard. Before anyone knew what was happening, a middle aged lady stepped up to the side of the sideboard, flicked some switch, and the mirror slowly but surely slid down behind the cupboarding, totally out of view!

“Are you all right love?” the lady asked Sarah, kindly.

Sarah: “Just about, thanks,” sighed Sarah, with much relief.

“That bloody mirror! It’s a damn nuisance!” cursed the lady, “Did you say Dave was outside?”

Pam: “That’s right.”

“I’m his Mum, Lisa Summers. I’d better go call him in!” 

With that Lisa strolled to the door and stuck her head out. She gestured Dave and Nigel into the living room. When Dave remarked how young she looked, Lisa explained that here and now she was fifty!

Lisa: “Who’s for a cuppa?”

To Be Continued

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Paul Butters

Liked it
  • CHIPMUNK on Jun 15, 2011

    good follow up

  • UncleSammy on Jun 15, 2011

    Nice Share Thanks

  • PaulB on Jun 15, 2011

    The question is, what really is happening?

  • PaulB on Jun 15, 2011

    That’s two negative comments on my stories recently. Maybe I need to consider being more **punchy**.

  • sweetblue on Jun 16, 2011


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