Before I start this, let me tell you that this dream has to do with my master fulfilling all of my deepest desires and fantasists. When I closed my eyes one night, I saw my master playing the part of my teacher, brother, father, cousin, and my uncle. All in one dream, it was weird, but I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it as I have. Without further ado, here is my dream.

It was a normal day, and I was a flirty schoolgirl trying to get her teacher’s attention. I know there was a huge gap in the age, but I could care less. He was a young teacher at my high school, only 23 going on 24 years old and I was only 16. Knowing this made all the fantasies I had for my teacher even hotter. Every day I would come into the classroom with a cute outfit, but he would act as if I was not attractive and kept doing what he had to do for the class. This enraged me, of course, so that means that I was going to have to try harder. So that next day, I came to class wearing the sluttiest outfit I could find in my closet just to get him to look at me. Well, he did.

He told me to stay after class because he wanted to talk to me. Well, I did. I knew this was my chance to get close to him, but I was going to act as if I did nothing wrong at all. He told me my outfit was unbecoming and that boys could take advantage of me. I did not care what he was saying because I saw he was getting hard just by looking at me I rolled my eyes at him and popped my gum. Disrespecting him pushed him to the edge. As I started to walk away from him, he stood up and then pushed me to the wall by my neck. From just that, the pain aroused me. His other hand started to roam over my body as he whispered naughty things into my ear.

I tried to maintain myself from getting super wet that my juices would not flow down my legs. I know it did not take me much to cum because I listened to my brother speak dirty once to his girlfriend, and I came all over my bed that it was quite shocking. So knowing all of this, I had to keep telling myself that I was not listening to him, but his naughty sayings started to get a little worse. He told me that I looked like a slut begging to get fucked by her teacher. I told him no, I was not and he told me that he could smell me getting wetter. He dragged his nails across my skin slowly, making me moan out in sweet bliss. He smiled at me then took me over to the desk and bent me over his desk. I gasped feeling so great, but I tried to fight it all. The very words he whispered to me while stroking my thigh were, “Why are you trying to fight it you little slut? I know you’ve been dreaming about my cock pounding that little tight, wet pussy of yours.” I bit my lip and shook my head. I tried to fight it all, but his hands were so soft and his voice was turning me on so much. My legs started to shake from the pure pleasure. He bit down on my neck, which made my knees give in.

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  • elee on Sep 4, 2012

    thanks for this write up

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