Dreams haunt a young man, inside and out.

It’s happened again.

I keep finding myself in places that arent my bed. Whatever terrible sorcery this is, I have no idea, but I can’t stop it. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to sleep again if this keeps up.

It all started after a night out a while back. I was staggering my drunk ass home from the bar and tripped over some homeless guy. “Hey, get the fuck out of the way, whino!” I slurred in his direction. The homeless man stood up and walked towards me. Drunk as I was, I can hardly remember what he said as his sad dirty face came inches away from mine. His brown lips curled into a cracked yellow smile that stretched his gray patchy beard and he spoke in a whisper of a whisper as he said “Go home, boy. Sleep off your drunken stupor. Just enjoy your sleep while you can. You wont always wake up where you lie.”

Naturally, I scoffed the old man’s warning and, well, did exactly what he said. I woke up the next morning and, to my surprise, had no hangover. In fact, I felt better than I ever have. I went throughout the day feeling just dandy. It wasnt until later that night when I discovered what the old man had meant.

I was watching TV that night and saw something that was really quite spectacular; a sports car I had only dreamed of ever seeing happened to be at a local dealership. I went to bed that night, thinking of how great it would be to ride in it, just once. I had a very strange dream after I had dozed off. I was inside the car I had mentioned, flying down the road and having no regard for whatever got in my way. It would’ve been a great dream, if it werent for the voices and the veil. All around me there were voices. Hundreds, thousands of voices. Some whispering, some casual conversation, some screams of pain that could only be heard of in the dreams of the most insane madmen in the most disturbing places. As for the veil, there seemed to be a blanket of darkness that coated everything within a hundred feet of me. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t drive fast enough or look hard enough to pierce the fathomless darkness that was the swirling black of the veil.

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