Some say I can only write about political drama. I have written tons of poetry, philosophy, thriller, and comedy pieces. This one is very short but sweet. It was written on the cuff, and took about three minutes. Reader, this one I call dreams.

He sees her in his dreams.  The guilt is starting to take its toll on him.  His name is Marty, Martin, Baines.  Lewis was married a few years back. He is so much in love with his wife.  Lately the stress is leaving a dent in their marriage but Marty never strays, he is a dedicated man.  His wife Mary, is all stressed out these days.  Marty is not bringing home enough money, she took on a part time job, and life in general is not what they pictured when they got married.

Marty sees her in his dreams.  She is close enough to touch, and real enough to feel in his heart.  She was the prefect woman.  She never speaks but a few words. Her smile speaks volumes.  He can only see her from afar and he walks towards her, she says, “no Martin, not yet.”every time  Every night it is the same dream.  The woman is always on his mind and he can hardly think of anything else but her.  He daydreams a lot think about things.  If he can only reach her hand, he knows he can fly away with her.

His wife seems to be getting more angry by the day.  She knows Marty is distancing himself from her.  Marty is always in a cloud and his wife just wants some attentive kindness, anything to show her he still cares.

Marty has fallen asleep. There she is, standing there in a white flowing gown.  He walks towards her and this time she doesn’t move.  All of his dreams are going to come true.  This time she will turn to him and he can actually see her pretty face.  He gave Mary a second thought and felt sorry for her but wanted to find happiness.  He knew this was destiny.  He reaches for his love. With her right hand she takes his, with her left she covers her face. “I wanted you from the first time I saw you.”he said.  “I felt as if I loved you but could never express my love until now.  You are my heart, my soul, and promise you it will be like this forever, even after death. He added.  She turns to him and removes her arm from her face.  Marty smiled and knew his dreams will now come true. It was Mary, his wife, his lover, and now, his soul mate, forever. The two embraced each other and kissed with such passion.  They were rising towards the sky and into the clouds where they made love till dawn.

Marty wakes up and shakes Mary.  He grabs her, and holds her tighter than he ever had before.  He kisses her with so much passion and whispers in her ear.  “Mary, I am so sorry, and will try so much harder to make you feel secure again.  You are my only true love.”  Mary smiled and said, “I know, I had the same dream and when I saw it was you, it renewed any love I ever had for you.  Things can only be better now my love.”  The two fell back asleep in each others arms.  Most likely, to dream how life is supposed to be and when they wake, it shall.

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