A lonely, distraught man takes a walk and runs into another lonely distraught person and they relate each other’s woes, and find mutual attraction with one another. The only thing is that one is a vampire.

Luck or what some refer to as a “charmed life” have never described my being. Life had been for the most part, an endless parade of loneliness and monotony, as I am sure it is with most people. Every day I entered the same job and performed the same tasks, without any differentiation. Afterwards, I would retire to my modest home, alone, tired and dreading the next day and the boredom that would follow.

My luck in relationships has been, for the most part, pathetic. My shyness and introverted nature has made the search for love all that more arduous and disheartening. Whenever I thought I found someone, inevitably acceptance would be hard and I was used for often than not, damn my trusting nature.

Even though I rarely admit to it, I like humanity and am often caring and considerate to others, but being so trusting has its price and people often take advantage of those who offer kindness. Outwardly, I think I come across as misanthropic, but I do believe in humanity, otherwise I would have been dead long ago, for certainly such a singular existence could drive anybody mad!

I speak in past tense, however, and this does not reflect my current state. You see, things have changed in my life since that time.

About a year ago, I was taking my evening walk, alone, of course, across the outskirts of the town, not far from my where my residence lies. It was a dark and chilly evening, probably not the best to take a stroll in, but I felt compelled to clear my mind and was determined to do so.

I walked across the old bridge near the edge of town and stopped to stare in the water. It was so dark and deep, one could get lost in it and it was common for me to gaze into it, sometimes I even contemplated diving in, but I never had the courage.

That mysterious pool, probably a metaphor for my own murky existence, lost in the void. A man can fall pretty low when he starts to feel sorry for himself and I tried not to contemplate much on my anxieties and torments, but that’s the reason for such walks, I guess. As I looked in the dark water, I saw a reflection stare up at me, except the visage reflected was not my own.

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