A Funny short story!

The pink paper in hand, Pierrot made a triumphal entry to the “Bar thyme.” The “Hip Hooray! “Of his friends carried him to feel comfortable together. Finally he felt happy and confident, though surrounded by his real friends.
Home, the welcome was so disappointing. His mother had worried Assembly oddly, as bothered by her success. It is true that she never trusted him.
His little sister had made no case for its success, she had a permit for over a year now.
Frustrated at this moment of glory he was waiting for so long, he felt a burst of rage rising in him. Rage against his parents that choked one counseling, the other reproaches. Hatred also against this little sister, so perfect in the eyes of parents, when she was a snobbish, and always finauder to mock him.
In these circumstances so peculiar, heavily Pierre felt the injustice of his situation. His parents applauded the happy success of this moth dirty they always treated leniently. Him, to them, was only unbalance … A brave boy a little slow …
But things would finally change. Pierre felt all that energy in him, this force, this taste for speed that the submerging. He knew he was bold and manly.
He loved talking about cars with his friends, he loved attending auto races. When the engine noise and the strong smell of hot oil enveloped his soul became that of a great driver.

And that day, he had just obtained the official document that would take a decisive turn in his life: a driver’s license … ITS enabled!
Usually at home, when he said:
- Unfortunately, I have my license yet …
- As soon as I have my license …
His sister, the slut, the resumed:
- Your license?! As you did not, it’s not yours! Say THE driving license but do not yet the appropriate, that’s five times that you miss!

So that was really the drama of Pierre Martinot. A car lover who could not win the famous pink paper! Of course, the conduct had never posed any problems. With him it was there, innate, pegged to the body. But all these hassles for the code … While everyone knows that it does not use any more as soon as you passed the exam!

Pierrot had failed several times, crappy code! Consequently … No passing the driving yet so well controlled. Six times it was presented! It had taken nine years in all … Nine years champing at the bit, to spoil the view of books studded intersections, emergency vehicles and donkeys!

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