Short story I wrote about a kid in an earthquake.

Earth Quake
Jake got up from bed and met his mother, father and sister at the table for breakfast. “Good morning, Jake, how did you sleep”, said Jake’s mother. “It was ok, I couldn’t sleep very well”, groaned Jake. Jake sat down for breakfast and it felt like every other weekend he had had. But this one would be much, much different. Jake happily ate his eggs and bacon and went to start his homework. “Isn’t it a little early to start your homework Jake? You’ve been acting a little strange lately, is everything alright?”, said Jake’s mom in a worrying voice. “Yeah mom I’m fine I just want to get it done early” Jake said. “Ok honey”. Jake sat down on his bed and started doing his math homework…. An hour later he was done and he went to go play video games with his sister, Sarah. “Hey Jake whats up” said Sarah. “I just finished homework, I am feeling strange today and I don’t know why…..” said Jake. “I wonder why, I’ve been feeling just right”. Jake sat down with Sarah, and joined in with the other controller. Jake and Sarah both played the racing game and had fun competing. Jake said he felt sick and he went to lay down in his bed. When Jake was walking to his bedroom the ground started to tremor, and things started falling off of the shelves. The ground shook so hard that Jake stumbled upon his feet. Jake’s instincts told him to get out of his house, so he started to run out of his house right before it started to collapse. Jake ran as fast as he could away and he could hear the screams of other people as they to rushed out of their houses. Jake was so frightened he just froze. The earth stopped shaking and Jake could not comprehend what had just happened. The sounds of sirens and yelling was heard throughout the streets as Jake saw a huge cloud of smoke rising into the already cloudy sky. Jake realized that he needs to find his parents and Sarah. Jake ran back to his house afraid that they might have gotten trapped under the rubble. Jake ran back to his house and looked around, he saw his parents huddling together, crying. Jake ran to his parents and yelled “Mom! Dad! Where is Sarah?”. Jake’s mom said “We don’t know” while sobbing. Jake’s head spun with confusion as he glanced at his collapsed house. Jake instinctively ran over to the house and yelled his sister’s name, but there was no response. Jake zoned out and stared at the house, sounds of people screaming and sirens were heard throughout the street. The smell of smoke saturated Jake’s nose. He ran over to his house and started to rapidly search through the rubble. Though he wasn’t strong enough he had courage that he would find his sister. A firefighter ran over and grabbed Jake, the firefighter yelled “Kid, that’s too dangerous you’ll fall in!”. Jake waved his arms crazily trying to release from the mans grip, but it was no use he was already away from the house and put back with his parents. Jake hugged his mom and dad knowing that they had to find Sarah. Jake knew she was out there, Jake thought about how she could have escaped, he went through possibilities in his mind. And then it came to him, Sarah must have escaped from the door that leads to outside right by the TV! Jake told his parents and his mother and father showed a glint of hope in their teary eyes. “She must have gone somewhere she knows” said Jake’s mom. “Then she might have gone to Jane’s house!” said Jake. “Well Jane is her best friend, so lets get a move on!” said Jake’s dad. Jake and his parents went to their car right outside their destroyed house. “Luckily I have the keys” said Jake’s dad. Jake and his parents got in the car and drove away, on the way to Jane’s house he saw the destruction, and remembered he had studied this in science class. Jake’s mom turned on the radio and heard “Today in San Francisco a huge earthquake happened leaving only destruction in its path”. Jake’s mom turned the radio off and mumbled “Yeah like we don’t already know”. As soon as Jake could think of more, they pulled up to the driveway at Jane’s intact house. Jake thought it seemed so long but the drive was only a few minutes. Jake was the first one who ran up to Jane’s door and knocked. Jake could hear a voice say “Now who could this be knocking on the door after an earthquake?”. It sounded so much like his sister, Jake’s heartbeat got faster and faster while the familiar voice got closer and closer. Then the door opened and a strangely familiar face popped out. It was his sister! Before Jake could do anything, Sarah hugged Jake so hard he felt the air being blown out of him. But Jake’s excitement overwhelmed the hug, “Sarah!” Jake yelled. His parents looked over with excitement and ran over to hug Sarah too. “Sarah we thought we lost you!” Said Jake’s mom. “I couldn’t find you guys so I wanted to remain calm and, and, I” Sarah said very fast. “It is alright, at least you are here with us now…” said Jake’s dad in a calm voice. All of the sirens and loud noises were blocked out as the family was finally back together and now the new trouble of shelter and food was at hand.         

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