Short tale.

But in the city and throughout the region was the subject of endless interest and comment the news that five English gentlemen among the most hardworking one poster had led to so many noble challenge of Christianity, whoever they were. There was great curiosity to see who would accept Him and He also knew that those would be the last just now, however, that the prince was about to leave with all his people for the war in Spain. On the eve of the tournament came to Bordeaux crowd of people around the Medoc, which had to camp outside the walls, in the plain and the banks of the Garonne. There were also military officers stationed in Dax, or nobles and bourgeois de Blaye, Bourg, Libourne, Cardillac, Ryons and many other cities, which arrived during the day and part of the night before the battle, on foot, on horseback and in vehicles of all kinds.

No small business was to elect five knights on each side, when so many brave and desirous of glory had gathered there, and soon was that the election would cause a series of preliminary duels could only be prevented by the intervention of the prince and older nobles and deserts. Until the day before the day fixed for the tournament were set at the arena, trails pending spears, the shields of the champions, for the heralds and the public knew their names and also to appear before the judges of all established field complaint or protest against the participation of any of them in the tournament.

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