Erotic Aldult short story contains explicit sexual content. Not suitable for under 21 years of age.

 Eva’s Story:


I feel your weight shift as you roll out of bed and place your feet on the floor. Though silted I eyes, still feinting sleep, I watch as you stand and stretch your 6’ nude frame to its full height. With your arms over your head and standing on you tip toes, I let my eyes travel the length of your back, to your slim waist, your fabulously firm rounded ass, and finally to your legs. For the past 3 years, everyday starts the same and it’s the only routine of our lives, the one I would never want to change. I watch as you bend over and gather up any clothing you took off the night before, and catch glimpse of your soft manhood swaying with your movements. God how I love the feeling of your member growing hard in the softness of my mouth. I know if your awake the moment the tip of my tongue touches the head it grows so hard so fast. I’ve learned to really enjoy the sensation of taking you in your sleep. To massage it’s softness with my tongue, feeling it slowly become less pliable as his body realizes the sensation of my warm, moist, soft mouth. If my sweet tooth is acting up I love taking him after one of our strawberries & cream love making sessions when he’s semi falcate and soaking in the sweet mixture of my cum and the whip cream. I watch his beautiful ass sway as he heads for the bathroom. When I hear the water of the sink begin to flow a slight moan escapes my lips because I’m looking forward to the morning floorshow. I move slightly so I can see what going to happen and so I can cup my pubic mound with one hand. I almost drift back to sleep as my finger lying along my slit gentle begins moving. As I begin to grow wet my thoughts drift back to when we first meet.


It was just over 5 years ago. I was in a relationship that was nearing its end. Trying to start a home based business meant I didn’t have the time needed to find the right man. Even if I could find a man, who could say if he would be the one for me. I needed e-mail for my business and signed up for the Internet. Other than email I had no idea what the Internet was and asked a girl friend for help. She showed me the basics of surfing the web. When I mentioned working at home was making me lonesome, she deafly clicked the mouse and introduced me to the personal ads. It was a bit shocking at first as she showed me everything from adult to pen pal ads. I look on in amazement but forgot about it until several months later. I was feeling very lonely and bored cooped up in the house. I went to the computer and wondered, could there be someone for me in cyberspace. After looking at a few ads I was feeling this might not work and then something caught my eye. He was a nice looking man and we had many shared interests. I sent him an email before I could change my mind. His reply was prompt, polite, and honest. Even when I asked him if he would be interested in having an affair, he replied his ad was for a pen pal because he wanted to meet new friends. He relented after my gentle questioning and admitted that it was possible for an affair to take place if I was the right woman. As we exchanged emails I found someone that was easy to talk to and he would respond with the most erotic emails at the slightest prompting. He would slowly answer my questions about computers over and over until I understood. I was amazed at his patients. After receiving his photo I was overcome by his sexy eyes and good looks and decided I wanted to meet him. We meet for coffee and went for a long walk and talked. He was a bit shy at first and I could hear the nervousness in his voice. He was the perfect gentleman the whole day. As I drove home after our goodbye hug, I went though a mental checklist, I found I could easily fall in love with him, and that worried me. He gladly gave me the led and for the next year we became very good friends. I had to prompt him a bit harder for his sexy erotic email, because he didn’t want sex to overpower my judgement. Each time I received one I would read it slowly while I masturbated. I could not believe a man could make me so wet without laying a hand on me. Each time we meet he was a perfect gentleman and other than our sometimes-lingering hello and goodbye hugs, he would politely ask, “May I” before putting an arm around me or holding my hand. I finally had to have him and feel him do the things he described in his erotic emails. When I told him I would be wearing the wrap around skirt he mentioned in an email and it was time to explore the next level he started by questioning me to make sure I was ready. Once convinced, we slowly became lovers. Even today, 4 years later, I can’t believe the feelings I get when he touches me. Just like the first time, he starts a fire inside me that warms me like nothing I could imagine. Just as slowly and gently as we became friends, we explored the physical side of love. Weather sitting watching a video with his arm around me while he softly cupped my breast and as I held his erection with my head resting on his shoulder, or one of our titanic love feast days, I knew I wanted him and had to have him because I finally found the man for me.

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