Fade is the way I interpret the picture I see before me.

faded love it spring like a spiral binding photo nobody knows where it spin next even though it spin every spring and line that connect it loose gradually but that love and emotion from the spiral photo

Image-based Search Results for Museum Collection (Photo credit: Yandle)

is what I see in a flash however could not draw it down for I was not meant to be an artist that draw just like in school I was never meant to have high grade, but why does it inadvertently appear in my eyes, once see the picture of a young girl in two different way in my eyes one of which is fade very sober she was and lost in thought but do not be afraid of her she needs love, however some people are confuse is it love she need or she need to be alone nevertheless the picture further reveals to me that her love is not lost but need something to develop it back every blink makes the picture blur and the change of phase of face come into being, no the picture say to me she is determine to get back on her feet and fight, fight for what ever she has loss. She walked into the lecture room her photograph stare at me inimitable face she has, course mate sigh among each other she is so fine does she have a boyfriend asked one of the colleague although no one was able tell if fade have any boyfriend around her exceptional shape push many back to woo her especially when one take into cognizance her eye liner that sparkle like a shining star be careful when you look at me the eye line hint, notably when she is reading a magazine call hint that really did not help much for single men in the lecture room don’t move near me is what ring in their ears, nonetheless her colleague were shock why she pay so much attention on a nude picture for fade the nude image represent the ontological expression of that particular being which interpret nothing but the free will of our motive because there is absolutely nothing to hide just like a shadow that is every where around us if you stop the shadow stop when there is nude portrait people are tempt to look perhaps that’s what she trim them down to be, why is everybody just looking at me she said, she is definitely waiting for the day when one of them will have the courage to step and talk with her, her foot step did little to help her situation stepping out of the lecture class with her straight figure, the sound coming out from the shackle of her chain shoe clatter their mind making them to hang on to this special Being for it may not be like this tomorrow. 

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