I started writing this about a week ago.

There once was a land so fair and true. This country was once called Abari. Now in this land, there were three kingdoms. One ailed on the Southeast. This was the kingdom of despair, for the people there suffered greatly under their king, Alamar’s, rule. King Alamar was a selfish man, and wanted to take over the land of Abari for himself. To his west, and safely nestled behind the Mountain, was the kingdom of Arthur. King Arthur was a kind man, who lost his wife but raised his son, Cedric. Arthur was a wise king and ruled his kingdom with kindness, wisdom and patience. They were poor though, because they did not have any luck with trade. And King Arthur was very old and would like his son to become king soon, but Cedric must take on a wife to help rule his country. And to the North there is a king so wise and true. King Garan is the happiest of the three kings. His land was isolated and was provided the ocean for trading routes with neighboring countries and a dark and dangerous forest to keep out unwanted people. He and his wife ruled their peaceful kingdom and raised two very beautiful children. Senna, the young princess and Edward, the future king of their land. Together as a family they brought happiness to their kingdom. But all that was about to change for it is greed that rules all evil men’s hearts.


            This story begins on a not so significant day.

“Senna, dear, you are eighteen years old now, it is time for you to consider marriage. I got married to your father when I was your age.” Queen Selina said kindly.

 Senna frowned and crossed her arms in defiance. “I don’t want to get married,” Senna replied angrily. “I want to stay here with you and Daddy. This is my home.” She lifted her chin stubbornly. “I won’t go!” She yelled.

  “Senna, stop acting like a child,” Selina chided her daughter. “Father wants what’s best for you. It is time for you to at least consider marriage.” Her face softened as she took hold of her daughter’s hand. “At least consider it for me, honey.”

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