Open book.

Since yesterday, you have become purer and better, I told myself mentally.

The visit was long, lasting concern. At last the door was opened the next room, the doctor left alone. He seemed irritated, angry, and his jaws were moving as if they wanted to crush something.

Robert-I-dijo. away I need to talk alone with you.

Then I took her hand and led me to the dining room, where coffee still steaming.

‘I have for you a great respect, Miss, began wiping the sweat of his forehead.-For all we’ve heard, you’re a young spirited, capable of receiving an unexpected blow without flinching.

-No more ado, if you please, Doctor, I said, feeling pale.

– Well! Neither do I like foreplay. His sister …

And with that, however, it stopped.

– My sister … is … danger of death, doctor!

He had wanted to appear strong, but my legs buckled. Me and the edge of the table to avoid falling.

– Come on! Value, value, ‘he murmured, putting her hand on the hombro.-fever, this terrible host is there and not so easily dismissed.

I gritted my teeth, not wanting to see me shaking. I had often heard of the danger of puerperal fever, but not to form an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir terrors.

– Mark knows?

That was the first thought that came to me.

The doctor shrugged scratching their heads.

-I was afraid of losing your cool, I have not said more than half of the truth.

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