Madly in love with a movie star she has never met, a young college student takes a flight to Los Angeles to meet him in person. When she goes to register at a famous hotel, she discovers she is the 1,000,000th guest since their renovation. All sorts of gifts and surprises await her, the special guest, including a screen test with the star of her choosing. Of course, she chooses her dream man. Her screen test is so good she is offered a contract to star in her hero’s next film, which will be directed by the award winning Beven Stoneberg, and, of course, she accepts the part. However, there are additional surprises waiting for her.

She loved “Him!” All her thoughts were consumed with “Him”. All she wanted to do is be with “Him,” to see “Him,” to hear “Him” speak, and to touch “His” hand. Oh! If only “He” was a “boy next door,” and not a film star. Her family laughed at her, joked at her “crush,” but it was more than a crush – it was love! She knew it the moment she saw “Him” that he was her dream man, her life. How could it be a crush?

At school, she had a hard time keeping her mind on her studies. She spent so much time daydreaming, the professors were all getting annoyed with her, and her grades had begun to slip. If she wanted to continue on a scholarship, she had to get control of her emotions. Her best friends told her she was becoming a bore, as all she talked about was “Him,” but she couldn’t help it, as “He” was all she thought about. Finally, she was called into her guidance counselor’s office “for a chat.” She knew what was coming, and mentally sought solutions, options, but the outcome was she had until the end of term to pull up her grades, or she would not be qualified to continue on the scholarship.

Well! She couldn’t tell her parents about that conversation. So, she had some choices to make, and quickly, but in the meanwhile, “He” was opening in a new movie today, and she decided to leave school to catch the early show. It was wonderful, “He” was wonderful, and she sat through three viewings, by slipping into the rest room in between each show. Oh! What was she going to do – she loved “Him,” she knew it, and had reached the point where she couldn’t continue life without “Him.” When she arrived at home, her parents were out, so she grabbed the moment, and packed a bag and left – she was going to California. There was no other solution.

First, she stopped at an ATM and took out as much cash as she could, then with her credit card, she bought a one-way ticket to Los Angeles, and climbed on the first flight out of the city, and immediately went to sleep – she would need her strength when she reached California.

It was blazing hot in Los Angeles, when she left the airport, and headed into the city. The Hills hotel was not only beautiful, but they had a room available. She thought that would be the best place to stay, as it offered a good chance to see “Him” in person, as she had read he spent a good deal of time there. What she didn’t expect was to be greeted in such a fashion. Apparently, she was the 1,000,000 guest to stay at the renovated hotel, and a big event had been arranged to greet that guest, which was she.

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  • Gary Willhite on Jan 27, 2009

    A true work of fiction at its highest! Fast-paced, adventurous and action-packed all the way through. It’s freshness and trendy implications make this a “treat” for Young Adult readers.

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