Madly in love with a movie star she has never met, a young college student takes a flight to Los Angeles to meet him in person. When she goes to register at a famous hotel, she discovers she is the 1,000,000th guest since their renovation. All sorts of gifts and surprises await her, the special guest, including a screen test with the star of her choosing. Of course, she chooses her dream man. Her screen test is so good she is offered a contract to star in her hero’s next film, which will be directed by the award winning Beven Stoneberg, and, of course, she accepts the part. However, there are additional surprises waiting for her.

When she had free time, her mother and she did the tourist trip and went to see all the sites. It was so much fun, and, after all, when the movie was released she might not be able to wander around so freely. Visiting all the exclusive shops on Rodeo Drive, and eating at all the “in” places, was something she would never forget.

Soon, it was time to go to Panama, and if she thought California was hot, Panama was an oven — heat, and humidity, with no cooling off at night, as even air conditioning didn’t really help. They weren’t shooting in the city, but rather, in the jungle outside the city limits. This brought the fear of snakes and strange insects into her mind. Acting was tedious, especially with take, after take, after take, and waiting for your turn on camera. There were times when they were shooting that she wondered what she had gotten herself into, but she bravely carried on. The blessing was they were transported back to the city every evening. Before leaving the site, she checked all her clothes in the wardrobe trailer to be sure no strange creature was coming home with her.

Beven kept his promise and made sure “His” halitosis was controlled. Obviously, “He” didn’t appreciate having to brush, scrape, gargle and suck mints all day, but if they wanted me in the picture that is what “He” had to do.

When the shooting switched from the jungle to a sailboat in the Caribbean, and an absolutely gorgeous beach, somehow the heat wasn’t as overwhelming. Everyone felt better. We were there for two weeks, wonderful weeks, and then, it being an action film, Beven decided to shoot some scenes in the deserts of Mexico.

I wasn’t involved in desert scenes, so I went back to California, arriving just in time for the fire season, and was being told to evacuate the house I was renting and go to a shelter. My mother said, “no shelter for me,” and made reservations back at The Hills Hotel. I felt sad for all the people who couldn’t check into a hotel, but swimming, every day, in a gorgeous pool, it was hard to keep up my sad thoughts.

Beven returned to California, and we went to work on the inside scenes, which were cooler, and therefore, easier. Then, about a week later, his assistant called to tell me I could go back home, and they would be in touch when it was time to promote the film.

I was glad to leave, the Los Angeles area isn’t that great, so many phonies, so materialistic. My spell as an actress was fun, and very interesting, however, to make a career as an actress was something I would have to think long and hard about.

Somehow, going back to school sounded great, and I made it in time for the last quarter – which now I could pay for with my own money. Now that was a great feeling. My crush was over, and that was a better feeling, as I was normal again.

Before long, I was dating a tall, handsome senior from the law school (with no halitosis), who was making my life very interesting. So, I guess I’m growing up – at least I’m on my way in the right direction, and now that I’m a little famous, it doesn’t hurt my popularity.

I guess getting over my crush hasn’t been too bad after all.

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  • Gary Willhite on Jan 27, 2009

    A true work of fiction at its highest! Fast-paced, adventurous and action-packed all the way through. It’s freshness and trendy implications make this a “treat” for Young Adult readers.

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