Being greedy and taking short cuts is how Fido operates. But perhaps he shouldn’t.

Jerome was an overweight Otterhound with big thick glasses and a hearty laugh.

His glasses gave him a learned, studious look which wasn’t altogether true but he was a pretty clever cookie just the same.

He was a street smart hound who loved wheeling and dealing. Everybody liked him because he had the happy knack of being able to put anyone at ease. One of his favorite sayings was “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. And there was no shortage of flies in the big city.

As a tribute to his skill he even managed to be on a wavelength with Fido McNutty. This was no mean feat and was something almost nobody was able to do as McNutty wasn’t exactly a social butterfly.

Jerome was a business dog first and foremost and he was very good at it. Everything he did was with the ultimate dream of setting himself up for a comfortable retirement.

This dream was what he called his jollification.

His hangout or rather, his office, was a disused sea container he had come across that had been dumped down a back alley. After cleaning it out he’d managed to scrounge some discarded office furniture to fill it and he had been open for business ever since.

He was always on the lookout for new opportunities that would add to his jollification dream.

One morning Jerome walked into the Veterinary Surgery for his regular check-up and was greeted cheerily by the Nurse at the Reception desk.

‘Hello, Jerome. Good to see you again. Take a seat.’

He looked around and noticed that, unlike the previous visit, there were plenty of empty chairs in the waiting room. In fact the only other occupants were a boy with a turtle and a Lady who was stroking a spoiled Pekingese on her lap.

‘Business seems to be quiet,’ remarked the Lady. The Pekingese stifled a yawn.

‘It’s been getting worse,’ replied the Vet Nurse. ‘Fewer and fewer people are finding time to bring their pets here for appointments. We get a lot more cancellations now than we ever used to.’

Bingo, thought Jerome. From that stray observation he realized that people’s increasingly busy working lives had created a market for the transportation of cherished family pets.

He promptly set up a “Pet Transporter” service for families and busy professionals with no time to take their animals to regular appointments.

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  • Dee Huff on Dec 2, 2007

    I enjoyed this story too. It was nice to see Fido McNutty outsmarted. These are really really good stories. I’m going to forward the link to my daughter who is crazy about dogs.

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