Had been working in Bagdad for over two years and was anxious to get home to his wonderful wife only to get a shocking surprise.


      I had just gotten home to Arizona after having spent a couple years in and around Baghdad.  I had been assigned to a unit in Criminal Investigations working as a programmer and investigator on the specialized drones being used in the war.  I was almost in my driveway and so excited.  I had not called home or notified my wife that I was coming home.  I didn’t know what to expect but I was sure she would be excited.  Would she even be home, after all it was the middle of the day and she certainly had other things to occupy her time than to just sit home and think.  I turned the last corner of the cookie cut houses and streets with all of them looking pretty much alike and there was my driveway. 

      I was so excited.  I was so over the top happy I could hardly contain myself with the realization I was about to see my sweetheart after all these months.  I was concerned about the unusual and unrecognized car parked in the place I often parked.  This was my driveway leading up to my garage and no one ever parked in my driveway.  Who did this car belong to?  It looked a little familiar but I could not put a name to its owner and questions suddenly raised up in my head, after all I had been in Iraq for a little over two years under contract to the US Government keeping our drones secure from people wanting their designs.  Was this someone who knew I was returning and wanted me dead or worse, was someone there making love to my wife?  I could not believe she did not love me as much or even more than I loved her but still, the car was there parked in my parking spot. 

       I decided not to park but to drive around the block and stop a little way from the house.  I was going to make the approach in a way as to be ready for trouble if there was any.  I eased my 45 into a concealed holster under my left arm where if needed it would be handy and started toward the back door.  Before opening the door I cautiously looked in a couple of windows and did not see anyone, so I eased my key into the door and keeping a little pressure on the key with my other hand, slowly unlocked the door lock then slowly pushed the door open and waiting momentarily for noises indicating I had been heard.

      My heart thumping so hard I wondered if it could be heard, I stood motionless in the small kitchen straining to hear noises happening in other parts of the house.  Then I heard sounds I had not expected coming from down the hall toward the master bedroom suite.  I could hear loud lovemaking noises and a woman screaming lowly with what sounded like pure pleasure.  Slowly I realized the woman I could hear was not anyone I recognized.  Realization hit me hard as I stood there listening to their pleasure and knowing it wasn’t my wife.  I then looked around the kitchen and wandered to the next room and then it hit me like a brick.  The comprehension and understanding was so strong with, “What have I done?” That is not my wife and this is not my house.  GET ME OUT OF HERE!

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