Anna contemplates whether or not to stay in California, Eva tries to win her sister over with clothes.

They drove for half an hour on the freeway going north, listening to the radio and Eli’s stories of what happened while his mother was away. Anna saw more cars then everyday of her life put together during this drive. She wanted to ask Eva where she lived, there was a new buzzing in her stomach. They took exit 26 and Eva began to talk.

“I only have two beds right now, you will have to sleep in Eli’s tonight, and tomorrow I’ll get another one. There is an extra bedroom to put it in though that will be yours for as long as you stay here. We’ll get everything. Everything you need.” She said while driving down a badly lit street lined with old trees and slightly younger houses. They would be big by Middle Creek’s standards, but for the outskirts of LA they were rather small, and expensive due to the large yards they were built on. Eva’s house was by itself down a small hill at the end of the road. Due to the darkness and rain Anna couldn’t tell the color of the house, but she could tell that it was two stories high and a 3-foot fence around the front yard built out of stones and mortar. A wooden fence separated the back yard from the front and there was a garage to the right of the house that had no gate around it.

Eva parked her car in the garage and lead the way out the side door, past the back yard, and through to the kitchen.

Eva cleared her throat, somewhat nervously. “This is it… Hey, Eli, why don’t you give Anna a tour?”

“Okay.” He dropped his backpack onto the wooden floor and kicked off his shoes. “We have to take our shoes off because they’re dirty.” He told Anna who then unlaced her canvas shoes and set them next to his. “This is the kitchen.” He walked and she followed. “This door goes to the basement. I don’t want to go down there right now.” They went through a door leaving Eva behind. “This is where we will put the dinning room.” He said. There were cardboard boxes stacked against one wall and two bikes propped against another. Anna nodded. “This is the living room, and in here is the bathroom.” The wood floors continued throughout the whole house. “There is the front door. Come up here.”

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