Anna contemplates whether or not to stay in California, Eva tries to win her sister over with clothes.

He led the way upstairs where there was a hallway lined with doors. Eli opened each one going counter clockwise and explained the inside.

“This is the bathroom.”

“This is my bedroom, we painted it right before my mom left, and I got to pick the color.” It was blue, only a shade darker than the sky.

“Good choice.” Anna commented.

“This is my mom’s room. She has her own bathroom that is over there.” He pointed.

“This is another room.”  He opened the door to a room with more boxes in it.

“And here is another one.” This room had no boxes but was completely empty, there weren’t even any blinds on the window and they could see the rain hammering the ground outside.

“And this is just a closet.” Eli concluded the tour by opening a closet behind the stairs. Inside was already stocked with towels. “That’s all.”

They went back to the kitchen where Eva was checking her email on her phone, Nike still hadn’t emailed her. She looked up and smiled at them. There were no chairs and no table, just counter tops and appliances. Anna leaned against the counter.

“Did Eli show you his room? Tomorrow we’ll get a bed for the other room, but tonight you’ll sleep there.”

“What about me?” Eli asked.

“You?” Eva raised her eyebrows in mock surprise, “Well, I guess you’ll have to sleep in the back yard tonight. Go on.” When he didn’t move she picked him up and threw him over her shoulder, “You heard me, get out there,” she said, carrying him to the door, opening it, and letting the rain get them wet while he laughed loudly. She set him down and closed the door. “You’ll sleep in my bed, with me. Now, did you take a bath at Aunt Maria’s?”

“I took a shower.”

“A shower? Look at you, you’re growing up! How about we play some cards before bedtime?”

“Yeah,” He growled, wrinkling up his nose and lowering his eyebrows.

“Okay, but go get ready for bed first.” He ran out the room and they could hear him stomping up the stairs.

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