Anna contemplates whether or not to stay in California, Eva tries to win her sister over with clothes.

Anna shrugged and lay back on the floor. Eva’s phone rang, she looked down at the screen and said “I have to answer this.”

“Hey. Yeah, I’m back.” she scratched her nose and listened. “No, not tonight. My sister is here and she’s using Eli’s room and Eli is sleeping in my bed, it just wouldn’t work. Mmhm. But I can’t do anything tomorrow. Yeah. I know, I miss you. I can’t practice tomorrow I- okay. Hey, I have time, I can do it. By the way, if I bring my bike in tomorrow could you fix the left peddle for me? I think its falling off. I don’t know, whenever I land on it it feels really wobbly. Okay I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow. Love you too.” She hung up.

“Was that Eli’s dad?” Anna asked.

“No, I don’t talk to Eli’s dad unless I have to. That was Ray, we’ve been seeing each other for a couple months.”

“So Eli is black.”

“Umm, yeah. I thought that was kind of obvious.”

“Does Ed know?” Eduardo strongly believed that it was the black people who ruined Cuba.

“No. He never will.”

Anna laid back on the ground thinking about what a grown up Eva was. She had a kid and a house, although it was empty.

“So why is your house so empty?” Anna knew the answer to this question, she was just looking for something to talk about so the subject wouldn’t turn back to her drug use.

“I just bought the house a week ago. Tomorrow we’ll go get some furniture.” Eva stretched. “Did Eli show you his room?” Anna nodded, “Good, I’m extremely exhausted.” They walked up the stairs together, “His sheets are clean, I just washed everything before I left because he threw up all over.” Eva leaned against the doorway watching her sister sit on her son’s bed. “Goodnight.” She closed the door and left.

Anna memorized the lay out of the room, then she flipped off the lights. She went over to the window and looked out. The sky was a brown purple color and rain was still pounding on the window. There was a line of silhouetted palm trees off a ways from the house. She went back to the bed and lay down on top of all the blankets and wondered if it was a good idea to be in California or not. She lay awake for a few hours debating before her body forced itself to sleep

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