Anna contemplates whether or not to stay in California, Eva tries to win her sister over with clothes.

“Anna!” she yelled when she was nowhere in sight. She ran up the hill and saw Anna walking toward the main road. “Anna! Stop!” she ran to her. “Anna,” she said to the back of her head as she continued walking. “Don’t do this Anna, you don’t know how to get around! Come on, I’ll get you back! Anna, stop walking away please!” Anna stopped walking, but didn’t turn around. Eva got in front of her. “I don’t want to be around you.” she said with a shaking voice.

“Okay, do you want to go to Maria’s house?”

“No! I- I want to not be here!” she looked like she was going to throw a punch at her older sister.

“I have an idea.” She said while looking at the sky. “But I need to call some people and my phone is in the house. Please come inside.” They looked at each other for a few seconds. Anna lit a cigarette.

“What is your idea?”

“I know this guy, Jeremy, he’s about your age and he is friends with Chris,”


“Yeah, our cousin, Cristobal. You can hang out with them, they can show you around LA. Jeremy is really cool, he does BMX and has been a pro for, like, 5 years already.” When Eva saw that Anna wasn’t impressed with the idea she added, “I’ll stay here and find the next plane home.”

Anna thought about it.

“Okay.” The cigarette had calmed her down considerably.

“Okay,” they walked to the house together. Anna sat on the couch and listened to Eva on the phone in the other room. She couldn’t make out the words she was saying, just the sounds. After a while Eva entered the room.

“They are on their way. They were with some other friends, they’ll be coming too.” Anna nodded, then she scratched her knee.

“Where is Eli?”

“Oh, he is with his dad. He goes with his dad every Saturday. 8 a.m. sharp he knocks on the door, Eli is always so excited to go with him… You want some breakfast?” Anna shook her head. “Coffee? Do you drink coffee?”

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