This is a short story of the forest and woods and animals, and nature and the first rain of autumn. First written by me in July of 1981 and revised today and lengthened a bit. Read the tapestry of words in my story and enjoy.

First Rain of Autumn

By Jennine Donier CR July, 6, 1981
Revised September 6. 2012

A bright sun arose in the eastern sky and mingled it’s colorful rays with the dark clouds that threatened rain. On the earth below, life began to stir. Red squirrels and blue jays quarreled and scolded one another

Squirrels scampered among the branches of cedar and fir trees cutting and storing cones.  Blue jays flew from limb to limb, cocking black jeweled eyes at an intruder.  It was an old black bear shuffling his way along a worn trail, turning over dead logs and tearing apart rotted stumps in search of grubs to eat.

Deer slipped through underbrush to mountain meadows lush with grass.  Stopping to browse, pausing every few minutes to look around warily in search of danger, ready to run, white flags waving back into the safety of the forest at the slightest sign that something was amiss. 

A field mouse scuttled down a hole, carrying grain seeds in the pouches of his cheeks to his winter burrow. Over head  the rain raven slowly winged his way across still semi-leaden skies, croaking in hoarse tones of the impending rain that would soon fall.  High over head a vee of honking geese flew southward to warmer climates.  There was a slight autumnal chill in the air. 

A raccoon family scurried to the edge of a creek that wound it’s way through hills and valleys to feed itself into some larger stream.  The mother raccoon fished in the creek in search of a fat trout or a crawdad to eat. Finding a trout she snatched at it and tossed it onto the bank to her young, who snarled and fought over it. 

Above the sun and the clouds raged in battle over the sky but in the end the darkened clouds covered the brightness of the sun and a cold drizzle began to fall to the earth’s surface.  The forest animals scurried for warm burrows and beds. Once more the forest became quiet as the animals sought shelter and warm beds to weather the storm.

At days end the sun once again triumphed a for a few moments as it shone brightly on the earth, then slowly sank behind shadowed hills into the western horizon, it’s rays once again mingling with dark clouds to make a beautiful sunset.  Darkness settled over the earth and the rain ceased to fall as a pale moon rose to greet the night with it’s lone cold eye. 

 A cold breeze danced through the tree branches and along meadow grasses,  the little brook formed ice fringes.  A big horned owl flew overhead looking for a snow shoe hare or an opossum on the prowl.   A spotted lynx padded through the forest paths hunting it’s own pray.   And coyotes yodeled from distant hill sides under the moonlight.  

Morning once again broke with a pale rain washed sky and weak sun.  To a blaze of  glory for Jack frost had visited during the cool night and painted the tree leaves in oranges, gold’s, browns and scarlet array.  Autumn  had arrived with the first cooling rains of yesterday. 

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