I wanted my money. I needed my money.

When I loaned Gino the money, he swore to pay it back in a week.  I knew what it was like trying to make it on Social Security so I fronted him the money.  He was a regular at Del’s Bar and Italian Restaurant.  I didn’t even know where he lived but he was always at Del’s.

Then I got a bad attack of the gout in the right foot and was MIA for ten days.

Finally, I’m able to hobble the five blocks to Del’s and it’s freezing outside, but no snow on the ground.  I got an old sweater over my sweat shirt, a muffler around my neck and the collar of my old navy jacket turned up against the wind.  A cloth cap is pulled down over my shaved head and my hands are jammed down in the pockets of the coat ’cause I don’t know where my gloves are.

A few of the regulars sit around the bar.  No Gino and nobody bartending.  I sit next to Al.  On one of the four televisions, a Hollywood reporter interviews that Kim Kardashian.  The television tuned to the music channel is the only one with sound.  When The Musics Over by The Doors is playing.  I unbutton my coat.

Image by Damian Morys Foto via Flickr


Al says, “Where are your gloves?”

“I can’t find them.  Has Gino been in?”

“You haven’t heard?”

“Heard what?”

“His landlord found him a couple of days ago on the floor dead.”

“He’s dead?”

“Kaput.  Kicked the bucket.  Bought the farm.”

I just look out the big picture window.  It’s snowing.  The poor bastard.

I say, “Who’s on duty?”


Marianne comes out of the dinning room and goes behind the bar.  We say hello to each other and she draws me a draft.

“You hear about Gino?”

“I just heard.”

I reach for my wallet and give her a twenty.  When she gives me my change she also hands me a small envelope, the kind with the flip top that you get at the bank.  It has my name on it.

She says, “He left this for you.”

The poor bastard.

The End

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Liked it
  • Christine Ramsay on Dec 2, 2010

    That is so sad but he remembered you at the end. So this is flash fiction. I really enjoyed the read.


  • bigpapadan on Dec 2, 2010

    Wow! Sad way to lose a friend.

  • suhail on Dec 2, 2010

    another cool write ! you should really do a novel man …

  • Val Mills on Dec 2, 2010

    The simplicity of this enlarged the emotions contained in it. Glad it ended the way it did.

  • Larry Fish on Dec 2, 2010

    Wow, what an amazing story. One of those that touches your heart.

  • John Paul V on Dec 2, 2010

    I agree, start writing a Novel!

  • Guy Hogan on Dec 2, 2010

    This story is fiction. It never happened.

  • Guy Hogan on Dec 2, 2010

    Althought the story is not true, it is a good example of how a writer can take reality and turn it into art.

  • Lady Sunshine on Dec 2, 2010

    Fiction or not, it doesn’t make it any less poignant. This type of situation probably happens a lot. So sad.

  • john smither on Dec 3, 2010

    Well written but sad story.

  • UNMESH on Dec 3, 2010


  • albert1jemi on Dec 3, 2010

    good one

  • yes me on Dec 3, 2010

    A nice write that one Guy cheers

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