Philippine Literature / Philippine History: Story summary and English translation of the lyric poem or narrative poem by Philippines’ "radical poet" Francisco "Balagtas" Baltazar, "Florante at Laura" {Florante and Laura}

The setting was in the 19th century. Balagtas’ story was a poem of 12 stanzas. This Filipino classic is studied by highschool students in their sophomore year. It is a favorite material for dramatic plays as the story told of war and love. Above all, ”Florante at Laura” is woven by Francisco “Balagtas” Baltazar with his secret agenda of instilling awareness among the Filipino natives of the treacherous administration by the Spaniards during the colonial times.

Florante at Laura

{Florante and Laura}

Story Summary

Florante is alone and weary, in a deep dark forest, tied to a tree waiting to be eaten by ravenous wild beasts…

Florante was the son of Duke Briseo of Albanya and Princess Floresca of Krotona. At a young age, Florante was sent to Atenas to pursue his studies. There he met Menandro and Adolfo.

Adolfo was naturally selfish and envious even when he was still young. He held a secret hate towards Florante.

Menandro was Adolfo’s exact opposite. He is a kind, loyal, and a trustworthy friend to Florante. Of the three, Florante was the smartest, which was the reason why he was the professor’s favorite. Adolfo’s anger fumes even more. He secretly swore to plot revenge upon Florante.

Once there was a dramatic play being help at the academy. Adolfo made true the part he played. He stabbed Florante for real, but failed to kill him because of Menandro’s speed and agility. He saved Florante. And everyone hated Adolfo. He was advised by Antenor to return to Albanya.

Meanwhile, Florante and his fellows stayed and continued studying in Antenas, until, Florante received a bad news from his father – his mother had died.

Florante returned home to Albanya. Not very long, his father, the duke, introduced Florante to the king. And this is when Florante laid eyes on Laura, the beautiful daughter of King Linseo.

Even it was only their eyes that met, the hearts of Florante and Laura had an instant and clear understanding. They loved each other from then on.

However Florante had to go to Krotona, where his grandfather ruled. Albanya’s King Linseo assigned Florante to come to the aid of the warring Krotona. With God’s help, Florante succeeded. He saved Krotona against the Moors.

Unfortunately, when Florante returned to Albanya, he discovered that it was now the kingdom that was in peril. The moors had imprisoned his father, and even Adolfo. Nonetheless Florante saved them all and freed the prisoners once again. So King Linseo loved Florante even more. And Florante’s deeds became famous overseas.

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