Philippine Literature / Philippine History: Story summary and English translation of the lyric poem or narrative poem by Philippines’ "radical poet" Francisco "Balagtas" Baltazar, "Florante at Laura" {Florante and Laura}

Once when Florante and Menandro were in Italy, Florante received a letter from Albanya ordering him to entrust the troops to Menandro and return to the palace immediately.

But Florante was arrested by Adolfo’s troops when he was just about to enter the city! It was then that Florante realized it was all an evil plot by Adolfo, including the death of Florante’s father, and the capturing of Laura to pressure her to be wedded to Adolfo.

From his prison cell, Florante was taken to the dangerous forest. There he was bonded to a tree to be eaten by wild animals. Florante was weakened, until he lost his consciousness.

In the meantime on the the other side of the forest, was yet another man full of loneliness and agony. He found himself in the same weary forest because his treacherous father the King of Persia. He was even threatened to be beheaded so his love Flerida would be wedded to the king. During this man’s lament, he heard the others voice agonizing from beyond. He tracked where the voice was coming and he came to the sight of a man on the verge of being eaten by hungry lions. His agility and skills drove the two lions away and Florante was saved.

This man, Aladin, freed Florante from his bondage. When Florante regained full consciousness, he gave much thanks to the Moor. And so they exchanged their stories, stories of the things that had befallen them… And until…

The two men also heard two voices from afar. The voices also seemed to be narrating, and they were from women. They were full of surprise when they found their beloveds Laura and Flerida! And the hearts of the four were full of thanks and joy.

Laura disclosed how she found herself in the forest. It was all because of Adolfo, who wanted to teach her a lesson for refusing his proposed marriage. Adolfo took Laura to the forest and attempted to rape her, but, an arrow flew from Flerida’s a bow and pierced the poor heart of Adolfo…

It was just after this story that Menandro’s troops then appeared in the forest and found Adolfo’s body lifeless… All rejoiced in their reunion. They sang songs of success and praise…

Florante married Laura, as well as Aladin married Flerida - When the king father of Aladin died, they returned to Persia to relish the throne.

In the meantime in the kingdom of Albanya, all hailed Florante and Laura as majesties of the the land. From then on all lived lives full of success, prosperity, love, joy, and peace… The End…

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