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   The peace keeper set down his clipboard on the table and walked over to the thrid portal that was not working. The peace keeper’s feet grew clumbsy tossing a bit of dust into the air as he examined the wireing leading to the portal. “I knew I should of let them aliens finnish this thing instead of having us worthless humans do a job we couldn’t handle.” Kane said as he begin to pace from the desk to the middle of the cave and back. 

   “Sir what should we do about the terrorists outside?” A third peace keeper asked as he ran in from the cave entrance carrying with him a rifle. 

   “Kill hem all at all costs!” With that said the peace keeper ran back to the entrance of the cave. Kane put his hand over the cystals in the center of the cave as he continued, “If it’s war they want, it’s war I will give them. You will die soon with your woman poor Trent.” Kane then turned and looked at his men. “It’s funny how life and death go hand in hand. Don’t you think?” The men in the cave just nodded and held their rifles to their chests as they chuckled. “We live and die the way we lived. It’s funny. This drunk will remember he worse memory rather then his perfect one. And why is that? Because he is weak.” 

   “Sir?” The peace keeper who checked the wires said as he stood from one knee. 

   “Yes what is it?” Kane said as he turned his attention on the speaker with eyes wide open. 

   “It should be working now. All you have to do is start it back up via the computer.” Just as those words left the scientist peace keeper a loud roar was heard from above. Monk looked up as a huge redish black creature fell from the tunnel above the center of the cave. This creature landed with such force that forged monk was then knocked from his feet and soon faded back into existance.

   “Kill it!” Kane screamed as he rushed back to his feet. With that bullets begin to fly through the air with intent to pierce the creatures very being. The sound of gunfire released ForgedMonk’s instinct. As the bullets flew through the air so did a burst of energy from Monk’s hand as he raised it. 

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