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   “As many times as we have been through this all I can come up with is either they are now apart of us or they traveled through time to meet me as yours would your father.” Kane looked back at David for a moment with confusion.

   “What?” David asked with as much confusion as that of which peered back at him.

   “Usually one of us is dies right now.” With that said their was a great explosion that begin in David’s knee pocket. Time seemed to slow as David reached into his pocket and threw the pack to the enterance to the cave. The explosion grew and flames begin to fly towards David’s back as he ran pass Kane and jumped into the portal that was just getting ready to be demolished as flames too begin to arrive from the pack he had laid behind the other portal.

   A few years had gone by and since the explosion the world had become more peaceful and now relied on the invention of electricity instead of astral energy. A group of peace keepers had been sent to the cave to clear out all of the booulders that blocked the knowledge and history of this worlds past. 

   “Sir we are near completetion of the dig.” A peace keeper stood in all white fatigues as was all of the peace keepers dressed. Upon the shoulder of her jacket, as was with the others, lay a patch of a bright green ball. She tilted her head from the clipboard she carried for eye contact. “You should come take a look at this sir.” She said as she mitioned her comanding officer to the cave.

   “Davey you stay here. I will be right back.” The woman said to a small boy about the age of ten who sat in an office chair inside of the white tent the three had been in. The boy set his hands on the desk in front of him as if to get ready to stand.

  “But mom I wanna see too.” The woman gave the boy a stern look as if to signal that he had better listen or else. The boy then sat back down 

  “I will be right back, ok Davey. You just sit here and play queitly with your toy there.” With that said the woman exited the tent and followed the peace keeper to the cave. As she stepped over the dirt she remembered the story she had passed down to the little boy. 

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