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   David smiled as memories of him and Aaron playing pool flooded into his mind. “You ok Monk?” Blaike asked as he aimed to make a clear shot as Monk was ending his turn.

   “Yup.” David replied as he lifted his stick from the table. “You good now?” David asked insinuating the stick had found its true owner.

   “Feels good here.” Blaike answered as he triggered his shot landing two stripped balls into opposite corner pockets from the same rail. The white ball stopped before hitting the pocket. 

   “Nice.” David said as Blaike made his way around the table to the ball to make another play.

   “You know I never really played pool that much. I mean yeah I played…” Blaike then knocked another of his balls into a pocket as he spoke. “But I was never really any good.” He lifted his stick from the table noticing a group of balls he would next break up. 

   “Looks like your getting some help from an old friend.” David replied as he watched Blaike break up the group he was aiming at. Although he didn’t make a play, he did have a few set up for his next run.

   “Thanks.” Blaike said as he lifted his stick from the table. 

   “No bro, thank you.” David smiled at the memory of Aaron saving his life. A tear fell from his eyes as he leaned down to make his play. The others walked over to watch them play. All save Nate and Leane who sat talking alone. 

   “Is that some kind of magical pool stick or something Chad?” Trent asked as they walked over and sat down at near by high tables in high chairs.

   “Nope. That’s just Aaron’s old stick.” As Monk lifted his stick from the table sinking two plays he heard this.

   “Where did you find it?” Monk asked as he walked over to Jess who was getting his drink and bringing it to him.

   “Some peacekeeper came in here with it. I didn’t ask where he got it. Just offered him a credit trade for it.” Chad replied. 

   “Good Job Chad. Thank you.” David said as Blaike made his next run. Sandra walked over to Blaike and handed him his drink and kissed him. Monk seen it in there, they truly were Aaron and Kate. Sandra slid her hand over Blaike’s upon the pool stick, as Kate would of, as she walked away and sat down with Jess. Trent stood watching the game as Jason, Beth and Chad sat at a table at one end of the game, while Jess and Sandra sat at the side of it.

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