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   “Well wait who was there when Kate died?” Sandra asked as Jason was nearing his table. 

   “Monk.” Jason replied. Monk, having heard his name, turned around as Jason pointed to Sandra while he spoke with Chad and Beth about a way out of the bar in case something happens. As Monks ears left Jason and Chad’s conversation he landed next to Jess and put his arms around her.

   “What’s up?” He asked as he kissed her cheek again.

   “How did Kate die?” Sandra blurted out. Monk thought for a moment and shed the pain of the loss of the two. He then sat down next to Jessica and told what he knew.

   “We were supposed to just get intel and anything else we could be it jewel book or what have you and Justin. That S.O.B. Ok check it. We sent Justin back to get this stuff for us and give em to us but we wanted to keep him on the inside at the same time so he could help us in the long run. So he went back to the cave acting like he was our enemy and made it to where Kane left him in charge. He was Jason’s second so we figured it should work.” 

   Monk then took a drink of his mixed drink Jess had handed him. Then continued thereafter saying, “When we got to the cave Justin whispered sumim to Jason and then took Jason away and split us up. Then Kate and Destiny Started to struggle because the peacekeepers that were holding them captive started licking them and gettin ready to rape em. Next thing I know they both fell to the ground at my feet bleeding from their necks. I shouldn’t of grabbed my plasma grenade but I couldn’t stand them being treated like that. No woman should have to deal with that ever.” Tears then began to fall from Monk’s eyes as he paused for a moment. He then took another drink, thus finishing his glass. Jess, seeing the tears, stood up and hugged David tightly and kissed him. 

   Jess then whispered, “It’s ok baby. You did what you thought was right.” David held his head down in shame thinking of how he could of done it differently. 

   “She’s right you know.” Sandra added as she put her hand on his shoulder.

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