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   “Every time Chad. Every time.” David said as he pulled Jess to him and held her for a moment until his shot was ready to be taken. David then lifted the glass as Jess kissed his cheek. Monk then tapped Chad’s glass and as the alcohol that filled the air now swirled around in the glass forming to enter into Monk’s mouth the others walked in. 

   Beth entered first holding a rifle to the room searching for any kind of enemy encounter. She walked in with her gun still trained on nothing as she made her way towards Jess and Monk. Soon the others followed, first Jason and following Jason was Blaike. Soon after was Sandra and Leane, then Trent and Nate. The men were carrying the bags on their backs that held the inventory and sleeping arrangements for the group and therefore sat them down as the girls sat down at the bar, all but Sandra that is, who asked to use the facilities. 

   “There they are.” Chad said in a normal volume yet excited tone.

   “I was just telling Chad about our lil predicament.” Monk said to the six who were now all sitting at the bar and beginning to unwind from the echoing insanity that they had found themselves apart of. This place they call a world seemed now more then ever to be about death more so then life. Yet life and death they all knew they were now fighting for. For without life there can be no death and without death there can be no life. An endless cycle that once bore a great hold of humanity now rests in the assurance of this group. A group who were now drinking as they sat at the bar talking of moments passed. 

   “Did you tell him about how we saved Beth man?” Nate asked as Chad laid shot glasses down onto the bar. Jason was just sitting down after removing his bag from his back and laying it behind the stool where he would sit. 

   “Yeah. I told him.” David answered. 

   “Yeah but did he tell you about this huge monster that I shot and killed?” Trent said as Lean Guided him to sit next to her.

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