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   “Sir this is the first we’ve heard of these people.” The newscaster replied as he looked into the camera.

   “Then yeah let me tell you about them. The one looked like he come from outer space and this other she look so pretty I would stick my…”

   “Sir! Just tell us where they went.” the newsman interrupted.

   “Oh they went into that bar over..” As the man in the fire escape leaned over to point where the terrorist had gone too he slipped and fell from the fire escape landing on the newscasters head and landing from there to his back. His book then landed upon his face closed. As the camera shut off the man who had fallen could still be heard saying “Oh damn I lost my place. I lost my place.” 

   “Please tune in here at eleven for updates on the situation as it unfolds and the weather forecast for the week.” The news anchor then looked down at her paper work as the news faded out and returned to its regular program.

   “Did you see that man!” Nate shouted out bursting with laughter.

   “Yeah. They know we are here.” Jason said before chugging the beer that he clinched in his fist.

   “What do we do now?” Trent asked as Leane exited the bathroom.

   “What happened?” Leane asked as she seen that everyone was now standing.

   “We have to go. If we get out of here we can still have a chance to stop Kane from opening the portals forever.” Monk said as he too finished his beer. The group all drank their beers and Chad walked back behind the bar.

   “I thought if we had the books and the jewels that came with em he wouldn’t be able to keep them open.” Sandra said as she and Blaike released their grasp. 

   “I’m sure Kane has found a way. I mean he is giving the speech. I bet he will do it then.” Beth said.

   “Well you were with him last. Did he say anything or give any orders dealing with this?” Trent asked as he staggered drunkenly.

   “No, nothing. I didn’t even know anything about a speech.” Beth replied. 

   The group stood as the sounds of the helicopters above grew louder and louder. Soon a voice could be heard through the windows echoing through out the streets. “We have you surrounded. Throw down your weapons and put your hands above your heads. Or we will open fire.” 

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