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   “Its all clear sir.” The peacekeeper who entered first said this as the others still looked around the room. Just then the leader of the group dropped down and walked in with haste. He trained his rifle well, watching as fast as he entered. Adrenaline rushed through his veins with every movement. Nothing had he found, just an empty room. He seen the shelf as he entered and continued to it, his heart now pounding in his chest. 

   He slowed down as he crouched in front of the lonely metal shelf. He knew there had to be something about that shelf. He snapped his finger and all watched his hands as he signaled for them to aim to the door. All did as such even a peacekeeper now dropping from the hatch and positioning himself to peer around the corner the door way provided. His rifle to was trained upon the shelf as he stood.

   “Stack up.” The man whispered as he motioned his hands to give the order. Three of his men took to the side of the shelf as he back away. One pulled a flash grenade from his inventory began to get it ready as all save these three stood still aiming at the could be door. The men all begin to feel their hearts beating. Some pounding, some rushing and others racing. 

   Suddenly all felt relief as the leader pulled on the shelf and nothing happened. He pulled on it again and again, yet still nothing happened. He noticed bolts in the railing in the back of the self leading him to figure that it was just bolted to the wall. He stood and signaled for his men to stand down. With this is called in the present situation and as he finished he became angered.

   “How could the bartender of just disappeared like that? It doesn’t make any sense.” 

   “He must of jumped out of the window or something sir.” One of his men assured trying to calm the peacekeeper down.

   “Theirs no way, we were outside on both sides. We would of seen him!” With that said the man’s commanding officer pushed him back forcing him up against the shelving. “Until we find them you will be on point from now on!” The groups commanding officer gave an order that both left pride, shame, and fear in the peacekeeper. From now on he would be first to risk his life. As this entered his core he stepped forward as the group exited the room. 

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