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   As David fell from consciousness and black filled his vision the last thing he would hear were to be, “We got them sir.” 

   “Are all of the terrorist in your custody?” 

   “Yes sir. We even got ForgedMonk with us.”

   “Return to the base and lock them up.”

   “Yes sir.”

   “Monk and the girl are to be alone and separated.”

   “And the others sir?” 

   David awoke laying strapped to a table. “Good your awake. Now tell me, Why do you persist? What is it you are trying to do?” Kane in his hooded cloak stood staring into Monk’s face from above. His cloak guarded his face from the light as he studied Monk’s naked body.

   ‘Kilp.’ Monk thought. ‘Kilp where are you?’ 

   “Oh your dragon? I expect he is here somewhere. Don’t worry though, when we find him we will take good care of him.” Kane then let out a sinister chuckle as he ran his fingers down Monk’s arm. As Kane did this Monk struggled to be free.

   “Stop it you sick freak!” Monk screamed.

   “That’s cute you think I actually care. I don’t know if you noticed, but you are in no position to order me to do anything.” As he said this he found his fingers resting on the purple glow Monk had become so familiar with. “That’s how you do it huh. Well as soon as we find a cure you can go back to the way your life was. How did you get here?” 

   “You brought me here you retard!” Monk replied as he spit in Kane’s face. “Where is my woman?” Monk yelled. 

   “Don’t worry about her. She is fine.”  Kane said as he removed an empty syringe from within his cloak. 

   “What are you doing?” Monk asked as he again tried to get free. This was of no use his hands, legs, waist, head, and torso were all strapped down tight at least three times each.

   “I am going to take some of your blood.” Kane replied as he stuck the needle into Monk’s arm. “Tell me Monk. Does this room seem familiar to you?” The needle left Monks body completely full of the blood that once drifted through his veins. Monk looked around the room for a moment as Kane stuck another needle into his arm. 

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