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   “Don’t want to answer huh? Maybe if I bring her here you will have something to say.” Kane said as he slammed his fist into David’s chest. David wanted so bad to freeze his restraints and kill this man, However he did not know exactly was being planned for any of them so he did nothing.

   “Just kill me and get it over with.” Monk said before spitting in Kane’s face.

   “Your something else you know that.” With that said Kane looked up and David followed his eyes to see a peacekeeper standing at the door. “Bring me the girl he fought for.”

   “Ok wait.” The peacekeeper begin to exit as David said this. “Wait!” 

   “Just a second soldier, I think he wishes to speak now.” Kane then looked down at Monk’s face as the peacekeeper stopped and reentered the room. As the door slid down behind him Monk felt a slam into his stomach. “Well speak!” Kane said after pounding his fist into Monk’s abdomen.

   “She is just some girl I like. I picked her up and dragged her along with me for the hell of it.” David then felt another blow to his stomach.

   “Don’t you lie to me you foolish boy. I will kill you both if you lie to me again.” Kane then looked at his fist as it showed a slight reddish glow and then he slammed it into Monk’s chest. David felt a strong pain and burning sensation from his chest causing him to cough loudly. “What are you trying to do!” Kane demanded another answer as he hit Monk again.

   “The machine your building. It…” Monk coughed again and again as he spoke saying, “It will kill you after you die.” 

   “What do you mean it will kill me after I die. It has nothing to do with that. All it is, is.” Kane stopped for a moment remembering it’s cover up. He thought for a second and then spoke calmly. “Help guard the door soldier.” He ordered and with that said the peacekeeper left the room leaving Kane and Monk alone. “What do you mean it will kill me after I die? How could you know this?” 

   “I know this because when you had my friends killed I could see them as ghosts and then I heard them say they felt like they were getting weaker and weaker.” Monk said as his coughing fit ended. 

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