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   “You lie!” Kane shouted into the room. The echo rang in Monk’s ears as Kane grabbed another syringe. “If you wont tell me then I will just get the girl to tell me.”

   “Wait don’t!” Monk shouted as Kane put the needle to Monk’s arm. As he again fell to sleep he said softly, “She’s pregnant.” 


   “David where are you?” David could hear Liz’s voice yet all he could see was trees. “David Jessica needs you. You have to get out and save her.”

   “I can’t Liz. If I try he will have her killed. Have you seen the others?” David asked. Suddenly a orb of light was seen coming towards him flying fast through the trees. 

   “Wake up!” Liz screamed as she flew faster and faster towards him screaming after words as she did as such. Suddenly David felt as if he had gotten hit in the face again as the light slammed into him.


   “Kilp?” Monk asked as he awoke being dragged down the hall by two peacekeepers as well as one walking next to his head that dragged on the floor.

   “Yeah and she wanted it to. I must of rocked her all night.” 

   “What, with that small thing you got.” Laughter came from the three as Monk thought of the cold. This cold ran through his body and into the hands that tugged at his feet. The two peacekeepers that held him let go fast with half frozen fingers. Monk flipped back after his feet hit the ground and he stood up and grabbed the peacekeeper who walked next to his head. He then pushed him at the other two as he grabbed the rifle from his hands while the other two struggled to fire theirs at him. They found themselves in grave danger as their trigger fingers were still half frozen. Monk then thought of the darkness and ran off as he begin to disappear.

   “Put her in the chair and strap her down.” Kane had given his order as he paced back and forth in front of the chair. The two peacekeepers did as they were told and stood at Jessica’s sides as another peacekeeper stood guarding the door. “Why do you seek these books?” Kane asked as he tossed the three books down at her feet. 

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