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   As Jessica held her head down the three books slid to her feet and stopped at her bare toes. She tried to speak but all that flowed from her mouth was muffled sounds as she sat trapped in the chair totally nude. “What is it speak up girl!” Kane bellowed as he put his hand on her chin and pointed her eyes to his. “I know you, don’t I?” Jessica shook her head as tears fell from her face. “Yes I’m sure of it. Leave us.” Kane raised his hand as he said this and the three peacekeepers left the room and stood outside of the door as the lights begin to flicker.

   “What do you want from us?” Jessica managed to get out as she continued to cry.

   “Tell me girl, do I look familiar to you?” With this said Kane removed his hood and as it fell behind his head Jessica seen a face she could never forget. This sight led Jessica to faint and as her head fell Kane left the room. “This is useless.” 

   “What was that?”


   “I love you Sandra.” Sandra Had her hands on the side of the tunnel walls as Blaike stood grabbing her hips from behind. She cried out in ecstasy as Blaike pulled himself into her again and again. Their secret spot grew brighter and brighter as a shadow figure walked towards them from deep within the tunnel.

   “Kate he loves you so much. Don’t ever let this come to pass. Love is something worth fighting for no matter how much is lost.” Destiny drifted to Sandra as she spoke and continued saying, “The worlds of all will soon be forgotten all because of this emotion. When you were taken from us I thought all was lost as I too died next to you.” Soon the tunnel faded and the scenery around Sandra was that of the cave where the story seemed to of ended for dear Kate and poor Destiny.

   “We fought for a good reason. We died for this too. Do you remember what your last thoughts were?” Sandra was now staring at David, Kate, and Destiny. She seen the soldiers laughing and David was being forced to watch one of the soldiers licking Kate’s face and ear. “We were fine until Justin had given us to these wolves. We thought we were going to find the secret that you will son come to understand but this is how it ended.” As Destiny spoke Sandra continued to watch as the soldier holding Kate continued.

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