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   “What is going on?” Jason asked as he stood up.

   “I think Monk got out.” Sandra replied as she never took her eyes from Blaike.

   “Do you think he is ok?” Trent asked as Blaike stared back into Sandra’s eyes. 

   “I hope so man.” Nate responded as he sat on the bench where Blaike once lay.

   “Good morning.” Blaike said as he looked deeply into Sandra’s eyes. He watched as Sandra mouthed the same words to him. 

   “Well good morning to you too.” Trent said as he stood up. The group laughed yet Blaike still did not remove himself from Sandra’s eyes.

   “We gotta find a way out of her.” Blaike said as he pressed his hand against the glass watching as Sandra did the same.

   “I don’t see anything we can use bud. I think we should just wait for Monk to get to us.” Trent said as he sat down next to Nate.

   “Does David even know how to get here?” Chad asked.

   “David needs to hurry up and get here.” Jason said as he stood up and begin pacing again.

   “Does he even know how to get here?” Leane asked as she sat on the bench were Sandra once lay.

   “Yeah he’s been here before. I’m sure he remembers because it was where he first seen Darren.” Jason said as he turned to the glass and seen a peacekeeper running down the hall. 

   “I can’t stand this!” The outburst flew from Sandra’s mouth as Blaike was then thinking the same thing. Suddenly there was a tap on the glass. 

   “What was that?” Beth said as she tried to track the noise. Again another tapping on the glass.

   “Its me. Where’s Jessica?” David asked as he looked to the cell Blaike and the others were in.

   “I don’t know David. Where are you?” Leane asked as she and Beth looked to the area where the tapping had occurred finding nothing but air. Suddenly after another peacekeeper passed Monk begin to think about the light and as he appeared the group found themselves in shock.

   “Look at that butt man!” Nate shouted inside from inside his cell. Sandra watched as everyone in Blaike’s cell laughed uncontrollably while Nate pointed. Sandra pounded on the glass and David turned to see her pointing to Nate’s cell. David looked and seen them laughing at him and then remembered he was still naked. He thought about the darkness as he ran off. Everyone laughed in both cells as Sandra and Blaike simultaneously turned to them.

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