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   The peace keeper watched as the two who stood guard ran into the room to investigate. Soon a female scream was heard echoing through the halls an screech that stopped abruptly The peace keeper who stood guarding David’s cell begin to run to the room. He slowed as Kane exited the room holding his ear while he ran down the hall. As he passed the peace keeper noticed blood on the floor ahead.

   “What happened?” The peace keeper asked as the other two exited the room. 

   “She bit him.” The man carrying the unconscious woman replied. 

   “I guess he wasn’t very nice.” The other added as he let out a chuckle from the side of his mouth.

   David woke up with his pulse racing as if he had just been in a fight. The side of his face hurt as if someone had just hit it hard. His throat was soar as if he had just been screaming. He stood up freezing in the dark room. He could see nothing ahead of him, nor behind him. He shrugged off the cold as he thought of fire and the sun. He walked slowly until he expectedly propped himself against a nearby wall as if he knew it was there.

   Tears begin to fall from his face as he thought about Jessica. He felt as if something had just happened to her and whatever it was only one thing was sure, it was not good. David knew this as he slid down the wall and sat curled in a ball with his arms covering the back of his head and neck. 

   “I can’t believe this is happening. I tried and tried and this is where I got us.” As the cold cement numbed David’s backside and feet tears fell from his eyes. He knew this would come to pass when he allowed himself to be caught and he knew it would be tough. However he did not take into account that he would be lost without Jessica. As he sat curled in the darkness all he could think about was her. “I should have tossed the smoke. God, why didn’t I know it was gonna be smoke?” David said as he wiped his tears. Unable to handle the emptiness of the room he laid his head on the wall next to him and fell asleep still crying.

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