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   “I can’t believe it.” Jason said as he too looked to Jess who sat beside Leane who in turn sat beside Trent who sat beside Jason. 

   Beth who naturally sat beside Jason put her hand on his shoulder and asked, “What, what is it?”

   “So wait a minute.” Jason said, “Just wait one freaking poetic second here. Are you saying that that is Aaron and Sandra and you are Liz?” 

   “Now you know how I feel.” Chad said as he chuckled. There was no sure real answer that followed Jason’s request only a silently loud smile from each of their faces. Monk could see a bright light flash from each of the three’s aura as he wondered how he had missed it.

   Kilp then flew in from the cracked window and made his perch upon Monk’s shoulder opposite of Jess who looked over thinking she had seen something but shrugged the wonder away.

   “Well like I was saying.” Jason began but found himself yet again interrupted.

   “Hold on. Did you say that Jason?” Beth asked.

   “Say what?” Jason replied.

   “What Jess just said.” Beth answered as she sat her soda down onto the bar and let her hand rest next to it.

   “I’m not sure. I might of when I first met them, why?” Jason returned as Chad hit his shot glass onto the bar and everyone followed taking their shots with him. As did Jason.

   “Were you talking about us?” Beth asked after taking her shot and chasing it with soda.

   “I don’t remember.” Jason said with a misinterpreted sarcastic look on his face as he chased his shot.

   “Jason, how many times do we have to go through this. I didn’t leave you for him. In fact.” She went on to say as she put a little more attitude into her words and gestures. “If I remember correctly you told me to choose and I picked my job. Not Him. My job!” Beth then walked into the bathroom after slamming her empty glass which once held her soda onto the bar. 

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