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   David was now beginning to wonder if he to would be able to do as such as the creature continued, “You know sometimes things get tough here as well. Here there are beings that try to lead you to stray from your own task and keep you here. Some try to guide you away from your body so that they may keep it for themselves. There are even some here that take your energy for them to use. Be careful because if any of this happens to you.” Gest paused for a moment as David begin to catch up to its words, “You will never be able to go back. Also, if your energy is taken you die both here and there. Unless the being who took your energy wishes to keep your body as well. Either way, my friend, you will cease to be.” 

   Those words sank into David as he sat pondering his bodies fate. Thoughts of Jessica blurred his vision as he begin to become pulled back to his body. His surroundings became tunneled in a blurry haze twisting from left to right off in the distance as the speed at which he traveled increased. This forced his eyes shut and when he opened them he was back in the dark cold cell. 

   David opened his eyes to the sound of nothing to find the sight of nothing. Naked and cold David now needed to be near Jessica. David’s want has turned to a need and with this new found level of want David stood to his feet and begin to pace around the room in circles. Circles that seemed more and more so meaningless and pointless as his train of thought led him to find no new understanding of his current situation. Instead he found thoughts of what he will do when he gets out. 

   Given the chance he would break free of the room that now bound him to his crumbling sanity. A room that he found to be nothing more then nothing and with nothing he found nothing. The current surroundings within which he led only one person and as his following became leading and his leading became following he continued to circle himself again and again. This conitnued for hours until there was a knock on the door.

   “Food!” Suddenly a small door at the bottom of the cell door slid up and a bowl of slop slid into the room and the small door slid down shutting behind the required meal. David stopped walking past himself and dove for the food. He slammed his right hand into the bowl as he landing and drank the spoils. 

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