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   “We were already in there!” Blaike shouted as gunfire was heard from down the hall. Blaike took cover behind the corner and begin to return fire. Forged became frustrated by the interruptions as Jason too was under fire and taking cover just the same. Forged ran to Blaike’s side. 

   “Cover me!” He shouted as he ran up to the corner and ran down the hall. Bullets flew pass him from behind as he watched three peace keepers shooting back trying to hit him and Blaike. Forged Jumped into the air diving down the hall as he started shooting. Bullets exited his rifle as he and they both flew through the air. Nearly all the bullets found their target and killed two of the three on impact. As the third fell to the ground thoughts of his past life entered his mind. 

   The peace keeper watched as the suspect turned around and ran so fast it seemed as if he were flying. As the suspect turned the corner the peace keeper now laid on the ground bleeding out of his arms legs and from the single hole in his chest. Memories of him being raped when he lived within one of the complex buildings. The woman who raped him was notorious for killing those she had her way with. Images of his wife walking in on them entered his mind blinding him from the screams that echoed from the halls.

    He closed his eyes for a moment hoping to shake the image of his wife’s throat being slit by the rapist. It didn’t work the screams from the reality and the memory merged as one while he again opened and closed his eyes. He coughed hardily causing blood to squirt from the wound in his chest. The image of the woman cutting his wife’s throat entered his mind and stuck like a picture taunting him. Soon the thought was finally interrupted.

   “Calm down dude your gonna get yourself killed!”

   “I don’t care!” The peace keeper opened his eyes slowly trying hard to keep them open until he could find another image to die with. His focus was now on the suspect who walked to him as he struggled to keep his eyes open. His eyes open and shut showing brief moments of the man walking to him with obvious hate and power in his stride.

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