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   Jason trained his rifle to the door as he moved forward. Forged followed with his pistols on each side of Jason’s body. Forged looked between the doors and seen a clock that read ten o’clock. Training his guns on the door to the left and the right, Forged entered the room behind Jason. 

   Blaike and Jessica stood and guarded the hall while holding the elevator door open. “Hey Blaike, bring them dead bodies here and put them in the elevator.” 

   “Why?” Blaike asked. 

   “Never mind I’ll do it.” Jessica said as she stepped over ice and body fragments. 

   “No it’s ok I’ll do it. You just watch my back and don’t let this thing go any where.” With that said Blaike exited the elevator and begin dragging bodies into the box as Forged and Jason walked deeper into the room behind the door to the left. A room that appeared to be some sort of laboratory equipped with shelving, testing supplies, machines, and two metal tables. 

   “That sick mothe…” Forged was then interrupted by a faint and muffled yell. Jason looked around the shelves of the room taking in the sight of disfigured alien and alien fetus. Each looked like the aliens known to man as gray, however they had many different disfigurements as if some were in a crash while others were experimented on. One in particular caught Jason’s eyes. 

   Jason moved to a jar that stood on the ground and was about ten feet tall and four feet in diameter. Contained in the huge jar was a transparent green liquid and within this liquid was a fully developed half breed. An alien that had many human features such as skin color, hair, lips, ears and a nose. The only noticeable difference was that this human had big solid black almond shaped eyes and an oval head shape. 

   As Jason was studying the being behind the glass he found himself locked in those big dark eyes. He begin to just stare at them like a deer stuck in headlights. Jason felt calm and relaxed yet scared and empty at the same time. Suddenly the being blinked. Jason fell back into a shelf behind him knocking around some jars. The being started pounding on the glass, yet for some strange reason Jason didn’t feel threatened.

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