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   “Look it’s breathing. If it can walk ok we should bring it with us.” Jason said as he searched for a way to release the hybrid creature. The creature watched Jason’s face and reaction when he found no way. The discovery of no button, no lever, no switch, and no seams of any kind led Jason to conclude that there was in fact no way to release the hybrid. 

   “Here.” As that comment left ForgedMonk’s lips he shot into the glass again and again and again with his pistol until he felt it was weak enough to smash in with his rifle. After missing finishing and somehow missing the creature entirely Forged reached for his rifle and smashed in the glass with the hilt. He then let the rifle fall to his hip and checked his pistol ammo. He was out and so he pulled a clip from his pocket and switched them out.

   “Thank you kind sir.” The creature said to Monk as Jason helped it out of the container. The creature looked up while saying this and continued, “If you would be so kind as to gather my clothing?” 

   “Yes of course.” Monk said calmly and a respectfully as the creature had spoken as he then begin to search for its belongings. Jason helped the creature over to an office chair and sat it down. 

   “What’s your name bud?” Jason asked as Monk handed him its things to give to it.

   “My name? I do not have a name.” The creature replied as it put on the brown hooded cloak. Just then Monk looked up at a clock that hung on the wall above the kicked in door. It read eleven o’clock. A feeling of deep concern and confusion set into Monk as he tried to push his memory as far as he can to remember what happened next. None of it seemed to add up. For some reason he thought it was him and Jason who kicked the door in. However it would seem that that wasn’t the case.

   “Hey Jason, how long would you say we been in here?” Monk asked wanting a second opinion. 

   “I would have to say that you have been in here approximately fifteen minutes, kind sir.” The being replied. However Monk just smiled and waited for Jason to confirm this.

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