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   The peace keeper watched as a man pour true terror from his hand and ignited the three of them. As the three burned they watched as their unjust killer descended away from them. The peace keeper who tossed the incendiary grenade found himself falling to the ground burning as he screamed. Still he shock, when he hit his knees and grabbed his melting face he watched as the other two screamed and ran flailing their arms about. 

   As the heat became more and more intense screaming seemed to be childish as his face then pounded against a rail. With his arms now dangling over the edge the man thought about the nephew he had and would never see grow up and become a peace keeper. He remembered how proud his nephew was the day he got his shield patch. 

   “I’m so proud of you uncle Sam. You did good.” The last words this peace keeper ever heard from his mind. He laid dead as his body turned to ash and all senses were lost. A nuclear holocaust would of been a better death for this peace keeper. After all one man is his own nation and this uncle Sam could of had a fine future. Of course justice is held from no one and as David reached his comrades he realized this with pride and great respect for the nation lost to time. 

   “What happened?” Blaike asked as David opened the door and seen the others their waiting.

   “Ok we can go up now and get the hell out of here.” David looked at Jessica as he said this.

   “But what about Kane?” Blaike asked as he walked into the stairwell and aimed his rifle down the stairs.

   “There is more to this place that you must see. My friend.” Was it him. Could the vision David had seen of been this creature? The resemblance of not. Yet Monk found it strange that this creature had paused and said exactly what the other had. The same way as well.

   “It was you?” The creature nodded as he begin to speak.

   “Yes it was. I have been helping you for some time now. Those rings you carry were once my wristband.” The creature paused for a moment as he sat down. “Come sit with me.” 

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