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   “Before?” David asked as Jessica sat between his legs.

   “Still don’t quite remember. This is ok. I shall continue, perhaps then you will see, my friend.” With that said the creature folded its hands in its lap. “After doing this a few times my people wanted to fuse your abilities with ours. It is my understanding that they wanted to create a hybrid race to help cure their infertility.” The creatures lips then grew sad. “My people had became victims to a disease that ,with time and lots of treatment, became a super germ and made them infertile. This killed off most of them which is why I am here. I was created in a room much like the one you had just seen. You really don’t remember me do you my friend?” The creature looked at David, who in turn looked back confused as the day he was born. “I was left to hide among the monks in this monastery to help explain some of the peoples disappearances.” 

   “You mean it wasn’t Kane who was killing people?” David asked as he wiped sweat from his face. 

   “No my friend.” 

   “It was you?” Jessica asked through a case of her own confusion.

   “I am ashamed to admit that yes, the person that Brother Drake had seen was me. Although I did disguise my self as him I was not the one who committed the crime. In fact the person only seemed dead. As you can see we were trying to perfect our hybrid. I was thought to be the only successful one.”

   “But we seen others like you. Children and adults living just fine.” Said Jessica.

   “As true as that may be, I would not know because after Kane had opened the first portal and there for taken over the monastery, he locked me away.” The creature then paused as if to await David’s input, but David just sat their. “You still don’t remember, do you?” The creature said as he looked at David with his dark solid black eyes. “I am DeathMonk.”

   “It was you? It was you, I remember now. I don’t know exactly what happened, but me and you split up. You went to the dead lands and I…” 

   “That’s right, my friend. When I came back you were no where to be found. I tried to go through your portal but Kane had closed it. The cave was empty as well, my friend. I hiked back to the monastery and when I got there I was locked away. You were right about those books. I am glad that I can finally tell you. I hid mine well?” DeathMonk asked as he raised his hand to gesture his question. 

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