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   “You did great brother. Thank you.” Blaike said as he stood to his feet. Jason nodded, still holding a coughing fit back. Jason soon found the strength to smile as he watched Blaike and David stand side by side with there faces wet with quiet tears. Destiny leaned over and kissed Jason’s cheek while his blood slid into her fingers on the floor.

   “Thank you Jason.” Destiny said as Jessica cautiously reentered the elevator. Destiny then put her hand out to Jessica, who in turn helped Destiny to her feet. The two stood facing Jason with a piece of sadness twitching every muscle they used to try to make smiles. “Go be with her. You guys earned it.” 

   As Jason closed his eyes and released his last breath the last image he captured from life was that of his new family, saluting him. “Come on baby. Lets go home.” Beth said as she greeted Jason. With that said the others watched as Jason’s spirit left his body and the two hugged until all that could be seen was a bright light between them. This great light then dissipated and the group was now left with a new sense of pride. 

   “What should we do now?” Jessica asked through tears as she hugged David.

   “We should go find out what happened to Beth.” Destiny said as she leaned on the door for support for her still weakened legs. 

   “Wait dude. How the hell did we get here? All I remember is we were fighting in smoke and then we were here dude.”

   “It don’t matter. Lets just take all this as it is and keep moving forward.” David replied as he bent down and grabbed his rifle.

   “What about that DeathMonk dude?” Blaike said. Something within his question caught his mind. Instead of saying ‘what about DeathMonk’ he said ‘that DeathMonk’. Perhaps this was his subconscious way to express that the being was a fake. Monk did find a few holes in his story. 

   “Something tells me he didn’t matter either. Think about it, how come he didn’t tell us anything about why we were missing time?” Monk said before he left the elevator and gave the area a once over. “It’s clear. I’m going to go check outside. No matter what the cost. You guys stay here.” His seemingly insane remark as to ‘no matter what the cost’ brought him enough courage to do what had to be done. He felt that going outside could be harmful, however, he also knew that staying inside would be fatal. Perhaps his context came with him from solitary confinement.  

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